BIRDING REPORT – Huttopia – June 8

It was the final hike of this year’s spring series. The weather began misty with occasional sunny breaks. As our group of 11 participants gathered in the parking lot and introduced ourselves, we enjoyed listening to the distinct songs of the birds around us. We heard the Red-eyed Vireo with its short, two-note phrases, the Common Yellowthroat with its triplets, the Song Sparrow starting with distinct notes and then becoming more complex, and the chipping sparrow, which sounds like a sewing machine.

We focused on these birds for a while until the Chestnut-sided warbler caught our attention. After observing the birds along the road in front of the Horizon Hotel, we headed up the driveway to Huttopia and past the Centre de Vie, where we spotted some Blackburnian warblers. Unfortunately, the weather worsened, and some participants left early. By 9:30, it was pouring rain, and only four of us were left, rushing for cover!

Here is a list of the 19 bird species that we saw or heard.

Thank you Rebecca for the Photos!



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