Birding report – Sutton Village – Feels like summer

We had a dynamic group this morning with many regulars and a family of 4 that came for the first time (father, twin daughters and grandmother).  There was some confusion about binoculars and twins which resulted in me learning something new about the difference between ‘apporter’ and ‘amener’.  Both binoculars and twins use the same word in french ‘jumelle’. Turns out that if you are bringing twins you use amener and bringing a pair of binoculars you use apporter!

We saw quite a variety of birds on our walk through the village.  The highlight was an Eastern Kingbird that perched and posed for us!  See photos below. We were also joined briefly by one of my good friends Lisa and her daughter who saw us form their front porch.

There is only one outing left in this spring series which is next Saturday June 8 7am at Hotel Horizon.

See the list of 27 birds that we saw or heard this morning.

Photos: Catherine Chagnon

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