Here is a photo of me recording bird songs.  They are hard to see in a dense forest but we sure do hear them!...

It was a warm day with a wind picking up at around 8am.  I camped the night at Hutopia and woke up to the sounds of a wood thrush and winter wren with far off raven calls. By the time we started our hike at......

Family activity for ALL AGES. Saturday, July 10, 2021 Location: Shepard Park in Abercorn Village Guided bird walk Birdhouse making Birdsong workshop Abercorn residents: Adults $25/ – Children free. non-residents: Adults $35 – Children $15 See details>>...

We had a pleasant walk around the village on a rather cool morning. It was about 8 degrees and the leaves are fully out, making it a bit harder to view the birds than earlier in the spring. I guess the spring honeymoon is over.......

I’m on vacation in La Malbaie. I took a 3-day road trip with my mom along the St-Laurence river. The landscape is playful with houses seeming to be dropped randomly on hills, fields, cliffs and beaches.  It is also majestic and mysterious with fog rolling......

Today was a warm spring morning that felt much more like summer.  It was 20 degrees at 7am!  At the base of the mountain the leaves are almost fully out, but as we hiked up the mountain the leaves were smaller, providing less cover and......

About Your Guides

Saturday Morning Birding

Join us from 7am to 10 am for a guided bird walk for 9 Saturdays starting May 8th 2021. These hikes are by voluntary donation.  Read birding reports from past hikes. 

See the schedule for meeting points at 7am on Saturday mornings.


Since the COVID-19 restrictions, Sutton Birds has partnered with Nature Nerding to offer  guided hikes for families, children, adults and seniors.
$50 – 1 hour
$90 – 2 hours
$120 – 3 hours

We also provide special activities on request (games for children for example). Please ask for details. Extra fees may apply.

Call 514-266-9229 or click here to book an excursion.

Who can come? Open to all ages, French and English. Feel free to invite others to join your group to help share the cost. We will respect the government measures as they evolve.

What to Bring? Binoculars if you have.

Where will we go? We are incredibly lucky to live in such a rich area, teaming with life and diversity. We are familiar with the area and can suggest appropriate locations. It can be on nature trails, in a park, neighbourhood or your own backyard! We are also open to doing hikes anywhere in the Eastern Townships.

Birding hikes

Birding is done both visually and by ear. Your guide will recognize almost all birds by their songs even if they are not seen. Guides are bilingual. Birders will typically see or hear 12 to 30 species. No guarantees though. The weather and seasons affect bird activity and our ability to observe them.

Nature observation

Have you ever been on a walk in the woods and said to yourself, “That flower is beautiful, I wonder what it’s called…” or “That looks like an animal track, who could have left it there”? Nature Nerding Excursions will help you learn how to go about answering those questions. Meant as an initiation to the more common species of plants and animals, these excursions help you hone your observation skills so every walk in the woods is an exciting exploration filled with discovery and wonder.


If you are currently homeschooling and interested in linking a hike or excursion to the curriculum you are teaching, get in touch! A birding hike or nature excursion is a great educational activity. There are also possibilities for integrating various subjects into an excursion. For more details, contact Jess by email at:

Call 514-266-9229 or click here to book an excursion.

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