Bird Hike Report May 12, 2018

PENS: Saturday May 12th, 2018 7am-10am 3 degrees.
Leaves are not out yet.
Number in group: 19
Bird species: 18

Another cold start this morning. Frosted windshield and only 3 degrees. But it was sunny and warmed up quite a bit by 10am.

This week 13 members of the Club des ornithologues de Brome-Missisquoi ( joined us on our bird hike. We were a very large group, 19 in all. Before starting our walk we saw a hummingbird whiz right by the ticket both area. We started by walking down to the Val Sutton area on the road and saw a few of the regulars by the houses, Dark-Eyed Juncos, Song Sparrows, American Robin and Hairy Woodpecker. Not many birds were singing yet as the sun had not warmed things up yet. Once we entered the Val Sutton trail towards the river we heard some Black Throated Green Warblers and spotted a Hermit Thrush. We attempted crossing the river then decided to turn back and continue the same trail back up and continue past the road. Just 30 minutes had past but now there was a lot of bird song. We spotted the Black Throated green which we had only heard until now and a Brown Creeper. The Brown Creeper was singing and I did not know it had such a nice song! Then the Black-Throated Blue Warblers showed themselves, a male and female and a Black-and-White Warbler too all in the same area. We heard a Broad-Winged Hawk call from above and continued on. We stopped to watch a Papillon Morio (mourning cloak) and soon after got a quick glance at a White-Throated Sparrow. We started hearing the Ovenbird on our way to the ticket booth on the Val Sutton trail and amazingly spotted it too. Back at the ticket both at the end of our walk just before everyone went their own ways an Eastern Pheobe landed in the tree right beside us.

Please come next Saturday at 7am at the PENS ticket booth. All are welcome. $5 for PENS Member $10 for non-members.


Sentier Val Sutton:

  • 1 Ruby-throated Hummingbird / Colibri à gorge rubis
  • 1 Hairy Woodpecker / Pic chevelu
  • 1 Eastern Phoebe/ Moucherolle phébi
  • 1 Blue-headed Vireo / Viréo à tête bleue
  • 1 White-breasted Nuthatch / Sittelle à poitrine blanche
  • 1 Brown Creeper / Grimpereau brun
  • 1 American Robin / Merle d’amerique
  • 1 Ovenbird / paruline couronnée
  • 1 Black-and-white Warbler / paruine boir et blanc
  • 1 White-throated Sparrow / Bruant à gorge blanche
  • 2 Black-capped Chickadee / Mésange à tête noire
  • 2 Hermit Thrush / Grive solitaire
  • 2 Dark-eyed Junco / Junco ardoisé
  • 2 Song Sparrowv / Bruant chanteur
  • 2 American Goldfinch / Chardonneret d’Amérique
  • 3 Black-throated Blue Warbler / Paruline bleue
  • 3 Black-throated Green Warbler / Paruline à gorge noire
  • 1 Broad winged Hawk / Petite Buse


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